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I will be talking to and discussing with Chris Lamb from The Kent Architecture Centre this Monday 15/7/13 about

I will be talking to and discussing with Chris Lamb from The Kent Architecture Centre this Monday 15/7/13 about how The Planning Minister, Nick Bowles, believes that communities will be more willing to accept development in their neighbourhoods, villages and towns IF they know it will be well designed. We will also be discussing The following points; how people really feel about new development, how communities can promote good design, the role of communities through things like Neighbourhood Planning – are any listeners involved in a Neighbourhood Plan, the unique qualities of Swale and Medway that should be used to guide development, and the importance of the landscape and the river. If you would like to add to the discussion or have any questions on these points please contact us by tweeting @KentArchCentre or @DanielMondaybr

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