on this week’s show 18/2/13 Being interviewed

on this week’s show 18/2/13 Being interviewed

A selection of interviews with Louise Allen Project Lead, some of her colleagues and some people who are benefiting from what The Pulse Café do (which is part of the Skillnet Group) http://www.skillnetgroup.co.uk/projects/pulse/index.php

a series of interviews from when Daniel was out and about at restoration youth’s new building which is the old Council Offices Trinity Road, Sheerness http://www.restorationyouth.co.uk/  twitter @RestoreTweet 

interviews at Hook Up event on LV21 @LightVessel21 as part of creative people & places Swale & Medway

A John Fryer Radio play ‘Stars and Stripes’ part 2 of 2

for more information on this weeks guests visit Daniel Monday night community show on BRFM http://www.facebook.com/pages/Daniel-Monday-Night-Community-Show-On-BRFM/118055191549943

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